HP Directplus -HP公式オンラインストア-

Corruptor Mastery

  • Tier 1
    • Hardened Companions
      +2% コンパニオンヘルス
      +2% Companion Health
    • Strengthened Companions
      +2% コンパニオンダメージ
      +2% Companion Damage
    • Poison Damage
      +2% 毒ダメージ
      +2% Poison Damage
    • Assault
      +1% 攻撃速度
      +1% Attack Speed
  • Tier 2
    • Taint
      +2% Outbreak 発生確率
      +2% Chance to trigger Outbreak
    • Sickness
      +2% Bursting Boils 発生確率
      +2% Chance to trigger Bursting Boils


    • +2% Contagion 発生確率
      +2% Chance to trigger Contagion
  • Tier 3
    • Panic
      Outbreak has a 15% chance to cause affected enemies to run away in fear for up to 3.50 seconds
    • Fever
      Infection slows foes for 30%
  • Tier 4
    • Enveloping Fumes
      +1% Evasion
    • Foul Resistance
      3% 有害な影響の持続時間の減少
      3% Reduced duration of harmful effects
  • Tier 5
    • Unholy Creation
      ZombieとPlague Bearerを融合させ、ヘルスとダメージは召喚したZombieやPlague Bearerの最大量の総計の130%に等しい、同種の強力な仲間にします。
      Zombie and Plague Bearer are fused into a single strong companion of the same kind, with Health and Damage equal to 130% of the grand total of the maximum amount of summoned Zombie or Plague Bearer.
    • Carriers
      Zombie と Plague Bearerは、死亡時にOutbreakを引き起こす。
      Zombie and Plague Bearer cause Outbreak on death.
    • Leech Life
      ZombieとPlague BearerがWarlockのHit時ヘルスを発動する
      Zombie and Plague Bearer will now trigger the Warlock‘s Health on Hit.
    • True Master
      Master of the Artsの効果が2倍になる。
      The effect of Master of the Arts is doubled.
  • Tier 6
    • Infectious Disease
      4% Infectionのダメージ増加
      4% Increased damage of Infection
    • Infused Blood
      4% Living Blood ダメージ増加
      4% increased damage of Living Blood
    • Infectious Blood
      2% Infection , Living Blood ダメージ増加
      2% Increased damage of Infection and Living Blood.
  • Tier 7
    • Mutations
      Infection のダメージはアクティブなZombieまたはPlague Bearerごとに5%増加する。
      Infection damage is increased by 5% for each active Zombie or Plague Bearer.
    • Cursed and Defiled
      For each active Curse on a foe, Poison skills deal 5% increased damage.
    • Plague Doctor
      Increases the base damage of all Corruptor offensive skills by 10%, but drains 3% of the Warlock’s Health when cast.
      The damage bonus is tripled if the Warlock has no Companion skills.
  • Tier 8
    • Wide Synergy
      +1% 全属性ダメージ
      +1% to all damage elements
    • Spirit of Torment Synergy
      3% Spirit of Torment ダメージ増加
      3% increased damage of Spirit of Torment
    • Corruptor Focus
      1% 全Corruptor アクティブスキルダメージ増加
      Increases the damage of all Corruptor active skills by 1%
  • Tier 9
    • Ultimate Affinity
      Reduces the base cooldown of all Ultimate skills by 15%.
    • Companion Affinity
      +50% 仲間パッシブ・使用効果
      +50% Companion Passive & Use Effect
    • Ritual Affinity
      +25% Increased effect of Ritual skills.
    • Poison Affinity
      Class Masteries now also increase Poison Damage with each point spent, at the same rate as the other stats.
HP Directplus -HP公式オンラインストア-