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Winter Herald Mastery

Winter Herald Mastery


  • Tier 1
    • Hardened Companions
      +2% コンパニオンヘルス
      +2% Companion Health
    • Strengthened Companions
      +2% コンパニオンダメージ
      +2% Companion Damage
    • Frost Damage
      +2% 氷ダメージ
      +2% Frost Damage
    • Persistent Effects
      +1% 効果時間
      +1% Effect Duration


  • Tier 2
    • Icicles
      +2% Hail 発生確率
      +2% Chance to trigger Hail
    • Snow Storm
      +2% Snow Blast 発生確率
      +2% Chance to trigger Snow Blast
    • Winter’s Embrance
      5% Winter’s Chill スロウ効果増加
      5% Increased slowing effect of Winter‘s Chill


  • Tier 3
    • Chilling Blast
      Snow Blastはそのダメージ範囲内の敵に2倍の Winter’s Chillを与える
      Snow Blast now applies Winter‘s Chill to all foes within twice its damage radius.
    • Frozen Barrage
      攻撃速度の30%分、Pelted が影響を受けた敵に Hail を降らせる割合が増加
      Increases the rate of which Pelted causes Hail on affected foes by 30% of Attack Speed.
    • Frost Shield
      Frost Ward の効果が2倍
      Doubles the effect of Frost Ward.


  • Tier 4
    • Frost Shell
      +1% ダメージ減少
      +1% damage Reduction
    • Immunity
      +2% 全耐性
      +2% to all Resistances


  • Tier 5
    • Snowy Fur
      Snow BlastはランダムなアクティブなWoIfで発生する
      Snow Blast also triggers on a random active WoIf.
      Effect has a 0.1 second cooldown.
    • Keep Her Safe
      Wolfの仲間は、Warden ではなく、敵を攻撃するために敵を威嚇する
      Wolf companions will now be able to taunt foes to attack them rather than the Warden.
    • Wolfmother
      When the Warden takes lethal damage, an active Wolf companion will sacrifice itself to keep her alive.
      The Warden is brought to 30% Health and the Wolf dies.
      Can only happen once every 3 minutes and requires an active living Wolf companion.
    • Freeze Snap
      Flash Freeze は Cold Snap 使用時にも詠唱する
      Flash Freeze also casts Cold Snap when used.


  • Tier 6
    • Concussive Hail
      4% Hail ダメージ増加
      4% increased damage of Hail
    • Frost Blast
      4% Snow Blast ダメージ増加
      4% increased damage of Snow Blast
    • Hailblast
      2% Hail , Snow Blast ダメージ増加
      2% Increased damage of Hail and Snow Blast.


  • Tier 7
    • Frozen Ground
      Using Frost skills causes Frozen Ground around the Warden, slowing all foes who walk across it by 70%.
      If the Warden stands on the Frozen Ground, her Frost skills deal 10% more damage.
      Max 3 Frozen Grounds. Lasts 5.45 seconds.
    • Whirling Snow
      Snow Blastは発動時に回避を1%増加させ、10回スタックし10.90秒持続します。
      Snow Blast increases Evasion by 1% when triggered, stacking 10 times and lasting 10.90 seconds.


  • Tier 8
    • Wide Synergy
      +1% 全属性ダメージ
      +1% to all damage elements
    • Splinter Synergy
      3% Splinter ダメージ増加
      3% increased damage of Splinter
    • Winter Herald Focus
      1% 全Winter Herald アクティブスキルダメージ増加
      Increases the damage of all Winter Herald active skills by 1%


  • Tier 9
    • Ultimate Affinity
      Reduces the base cooldown of all Ultimate skills by 15%.
    • Companion Affinity
      +50% 仲間パッシブ・使用効果
      +50% Companion Passive & Use Effect
    • Frost Affinity
      Class Masteries now also increase Frost Damage with each point spent, at the same rate as the other stats.
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