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Storm Caller Mastery

Storm Caller Mastery


  • Tier 1
    • Hardened Companions
      +2% コンパニオンヘルス
      +2% Companion Health
    • Strengthened Companions
      +2% コンパニオンダメージ
      +2% Companion Damage
    • Lightning Damage
      +2% 雷ダメージ
      +2% Lightning Damage
    • Shattering Hits
      +1% クリティカルダメージ
      +1% Critical Hit Damage


  • Tier 2
    • Sparks
      +2% Static 発生確率
      +2% Chance to trigger Static
    • Increased Conduction
      +2% Lightning Rod 発生確率
      +2% Chance to trigger Lightning Rod
    • Critical Recharge
      4% Energize 効果増加
      4% increased effect of Energize


  • Tier 3
    • Electrical Currents
      Static は2回跳ねる
      Static jumps 2 additional times
    • Static Wisps
      Wisp can now trigger Paralyze on their critical hits. Requires the Paralyze skill.
    • Counter Shock
      Taze は回避時に必ず発動する
      Taze always triggers on evade.


  • Tier 4
    • Storm Reflex
      +1% 回避率
      +1% Evasion
    • Electrified Mending
      3% 有害な影響の持続時間の減少
      3% Reduced duration of harmful effects


  • Tier 5
    • Flutterswarm
      生きているPixies, Sparkies ,  Storm Menderのいずれか1体につき、ウォーデンの回避力が2%増加します。
      For each living Pixies, Sparkies, or Storm Mender, the Warden‘s Evasion is increased by 2%.
    • Stormphased
      Storm Mender は敵に狙われなくなり、すべての攻撃に無敵状態になる。
      The Storm Mender becomes untargetable by enemies and becomes invulerable to all attacks.
    • Vigor Aura
      Pixies、Sparkies、Storm Mender Empowerment Auraも同じ量だけHealthを増加させるようになりました。
      Pixies, Sparkies, and Storm Mender Empowerment Aura now also increase Health by the same amount.
    • Acrobat
      25% Sprint と Agility 効果増加
      25% increased effect of Sprint and Agility.


  • Tier 6
    • Charged Lightning
      4% Lightning Rod ダメージ増加
      4% increased Damage of Lightning Rod
    • Shock Bolts
      4% Static ダメージ増加
      4% increased damage of Static
    • Static Rods
      2% Static と Lightning Rod ダメージ増加
      2% increased damage of Static and Lightning Rod.
    • Charged Wisps
      4% Wisp ダメージ増加
      4% increased damage of Wisp


  • Tier 7
    • Stormsurge
      ライトニングスキルを使用すると、WardenにStormsurgeをチャージし、すべてのStorm Callerスキルのダメージをスタックごとに2%増加させる。
      Using Lightning skills charges the Warden with Stormsurge, increasing the damage of all Storm Caller skills by 2% per stack.
      Stacks 5 times and lasts 5.45 seconds.
    • Storm Spirit
      攻撃を回避すると、Wardenの近くにStorm Spiritが出現し、Wardenから離れる際に近くにいる全ての敵に繰り返し攻撃を仕掛ける。
      When evading an attack, a Storm Spirit will spawn near the Warden, and repeatedly taunt all nearby foes to attack it as it moves away from the Warden.
      Lasts 3.27 seconds and may only occur every 15 seconds.
    • Mega Wisp
      すべてのWispが合体して、合計130%のダメージとヘルスを持つ1つのMega Wispになります。
      All Wisp merge into a single Mega Wisp with 130% of their total Damage and Health.


  • Tier 8
    • Wide Synergy
      +1% 全属性ダメージ
      +1% to all damage elements
    • Hail Synergy
      3% Hail ダメージ増加
      3% increased damage of Hail
    • Storm Caller Focus
      1% 全Storm Caller アクティブスキルダメージ増加
      Increases the damage of all Storm Caller active skills by 1%


  • Tier 9
    • Ultimate Affinity
      Reduces the base cooldown of all Ultimate skills by 15%.
    • Companion Affinity
      +50% 仲間パッシブ・使用効果
      +50% Companion Passive & Use Effect
    • Lightning Affinity
      Class Masteries now also increase Lightning Damage with each point spent, at the same rate as the other stats.
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