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Wind Ranger Mastery

Wind Ranger Mastery


  • Tier 1
    • Hardened Companions
      +2% コンパニオンヘルス
      +2% Companion Health
    • Strengthened Companions
      +2% コンパニオンダメージ
      +2% Companion Damage
    • Physical Damage
      +2% フィジカルダメージ
      +2% Physical Damage
    • Assault
      +1% 攻撃速度
      +1% Attack Speed


  • Tier 2
    • Seasoned
      +2% Overdraw 発生確率
      +2% Chance to trigger Overdraw
    • Sleight of Hand
      +2% Double Draw 発生確率
      +2% Chance to trigger Double Draw
    • Fragmentations
      +2% Splinter 発生確率
      +2% Chance to trigger Splinter


  • Tier 3
    • Triple Draw
      Double Draw は矢を1本追加
      Double Draw draws an additional arrow
    • Wounded Limbs
      Stagger now slows affected foes by 50% for 3.27 seconds.
    • Harsh Winds
      Physical Storm skills now slow foes by 30% for 5.45 seconds.


  • Tier 4
    • Swift Winds
      +2% 移動速度
      +2% Movement Speed
    • Restorative Winds
      +2% ダメージスタガー
      +2% Damage Stagger


  • Tier 5
    • Barbed
      Thorny grant the Treants an additional 250% of the Warden‘s Thorns value, and the static value provided by the skill is increased by 250%.
    • Life Roots
      受けたダメージの15%がアクティブなTreantに転送され、TreantはRegeneration Affixを獲得し、常にゆっくりとヘルスを発生させる。
      15% of damage taken is transferred to any active Treants, and the Treants gain the Regeneration Affix, slowly generating their health at all times.
    • Splinter Bark
      Splinter also deal damage at the Treant‘s location whenever it triggers.
    • Momentum
      Tumble, Trapflip, Escape を使用後 Sprintを詠唱する
      Tumble, Trapflip, and Escape also cast Sprint after being used.


  • Tier 6
    • Razor Cuts
      4% Splinter ダメージ増加
      4% increased damage of Splinter
    • Precision
      4% Double Draw ダメージ増加
      4% increased damage of Double Draw
    • Splinter Arrows
      2% Splinter , Double Draw ダメージ増加
      2% Increased damage of Splinter and Double Draw.


  • Tier 7
    • Careful Aim
      Standing still allows the Warden to take better aim at her foes, adding a stack of Careful Aim, increasing Archery skill damage by 3% every half second. Max 5 stacks.
      Moving will cause the stacks to wear off slowly.
    • Wind Runner
      移動すると半秒ごとにWind Runnerのスタックが追加され、Stormスキルのダメージを3%増加させ、最大5スタックになる。
      Moving adds a stack of Wind Runner every half second, increasing Storm skill damage by 3% Up to 5 stacks.
      Standing still will cause the stacks to wear off slowly.


  • Tier 8
    • Wide Synergy
      +1% 全属性ダメージ
      +1% to all damage elements
    • Pods Synergy
      3% Pods ダメージ増加
      3% increased damage of Pods
    • Wind Ranger Focus
      1% 全Wind Ranger アクティブスキルダメージ増加
      Increases the damage of all Wind Ranger active skills by 1%


  • Tier 9
    • Ultimate Affinity
      Reduces the base cooldown of all Ultimate skills by 15%.
    • Companion Affinity
      +50% 仲間パッシブ・使用効果
      +50% Companion Passive & Use Effect
    • Physical Affinity
      Class Masteries now also increase Physical Damage with each point spent, at the same rate as the other stats.
HP Directplus -HP公式オンラインストア-