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Templar Conviction Mastery

Templar Conviction Mastery Tree


  • Tier 1

    • Improved Thorns
      +3% 報復
      +3% Thorns
    • Hardened Companions
      +2% 仲間ヘルス
      +2% Companion Health
    • Strengthened Companions
      +2% 仲間ダメージ
      +2% Companion Damage
    • Fire Damage
      +2% 炎ダメージ
      +2% Fire Damage
    • Persistent Effects
      +1% 効果時間
      +1% Effect Duration


  • Tier 2

    • Accelerator
      +2% Flare 発生確率
      +2% Chance to trigger Flare
    • Burning Sentiment
      +2% Burning Conviction 発生確率
      +2% Chance to trigger Burning Conviction


  • Tier 3

    • Flames of War
      Condemnationは半径2倍の範囲内にいる全ての敵にBurning Convictionを撒き散らす。
      Condemnation now spreads Burning Conviction to all foes within twice its damage radius.
    • Bur It Out
      Cauterize はポイズン効果に対する免疫を提供します。
      Cauterize now also provides immunity to Poison effects.
    • Fire Thorns
      Thorns is now considered Fire damage.


  • Tier 4

    • Blessed Armor
      +2% ダメージスタガー
      +2% Damage Stagger
    • Battle Thrill
      +5% ヘルス回復
      +5% Health Regeneration


  • Tier 5

    • Soul Warmth
      Warmth also add equal Mana Regeneration to all Fire Aura skills.
    • Righteous Fire
      Holy Fireのティック率を攻撃速度の30%増加させる。
      Increases the tick rate of Holy Fire by 30% of Attack Speed.
    • Lingering Liberation
      Salvation now provides a protective barrier on the Templar equal to the amount healed.
      This barrier stacks to up to 30% of Maximum Health.
    • Coerce
      Taunt は Intimidation も唱える
      Taunt also cast Intimidation.


  • Tier 6

    • Intense Convictions
      4% Burning Conviction ダメージ増加
      4% Increased damage of Burning Conviction
    • Pain of The Condemned
      4% Condemnation ダメージ増加
      4% Increased damage of Condemnation
    • Painful Convictions
      2% Burning Conviction と Condemnation ダメージ増加
      2% Increased damage of Burning Conviction and Condemnation.


  • Tier 7

    • Reforged
      ファイアーシールドのスキルを使用すると、Templar のシールドを加熱し、シールドブロック成功時、敵に2倍の報復ダメージを与える。
      Using Fire Shield skills heats up the Templar‘s shield, causing successful shield blocks to deal double Thorns damage to the foe.
      Effect lasts 5.40 seconds.
    • Holy Zeal
      Burning Convictionの影響を受けた3.7m以内の敵数に応じて、ヘルスリジェネレーションとマナリジェネレーションを10%ずつ増加させる。
      For each foe within 3.7 meters affected by Burning Conviction, Health Regeneration and Mana Regeneration is increased by 10%.
    • Zealous Advance
      Flare の移動速度ボーナスが2倍になる。
      The Movement Speed bonus of Flare is doubled.


  • Tier 8

    • Wide Synergy
      +1% 全属性ダメージ
      +1% to all damage elements
    • Expulsion Synergy
      3% Expulsion ダメージ増加
      3% Increased damage of Expulsion
    • Conviction Focus
      1% 全Conviction のアクティブスキルダメージ増加
      Increases the damage of all Conviction active skills by 1%.


  • Tier 9

    • Ultimate Affinity
      Reduces the base cooldown of all Ultimate skills by 15%.
    • Aura Affinity
      +25% オーラ効果とオーラ範囲の増加
      +25% Aura Effect and Aura Range.
    • Fire Affinity
      Class Masteries now also increase Fire Damage with each point spent, at the same rate as the other stats.
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